A registered nurse works at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions, aiming to improve patients’ awareness of healthcare procedures and giving them better tips on improving their lifestyles with regards to their health. Additionally, registered nurses treat patients, and help them during their stay at the hospital, providing them with all kinds of support that may be needed by the patient. Registered nurses are typically concerned with all factors of a patient’s care, and have a direct way to contact the doctors in case of an emergency.

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Getting a job as a registered nurse takes a degree from a university or college which usually lasts two years and provides candidates with the basic skills required to perform the job, as well as some in-depth knowledge of it. Some Bachelor’s degrees are accepted as well, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing – even though these degrees take longer to complete, they also provide candidates with plenty of better and more attractive options for their employment later on.

Registered nurses earn quite well despite not being licensed physicians – the average annual salary for one tends to be between $43,000 – $65,000, and the job can be quite rewarding in terms of health and other benefits. The working hours for registered nurses are typically well-adjusted and flexible too, allowing for a great degree of freedom by those who practice the job. Prospects for further career advancement tend to be acceptable too.