A respiratory therapy technician is tasked with providing basic care and assistance to patients going through respiratory treatment procedures. Additionally, the respiratory therapy technician may be responsible for operating some of the machinery related to the therapy, and providing assistance to the therapists and physicians overseeing the procedure. A respiratory therapy technician is almost always under the direct supervision of their respective therapists and physicians, and doesn’t have much in the way of freedom on the job.

Becoming a respiratory therapy technician only takes a high school diploma, as most of the skills required for the job can be attained in the course of employment. It’s important for candidates to be able to work swiftly and precisely, leaving no room for error – additionally, previous working experience at a hospital, clinic or another healthcare facility can greatly benefit a candidate. Respiratory therapy technicians have some moderately good opportunities for career development.

Respiratory therapy technicians earn less than their respective therapists, understandably, as the job has fewer requirements attached to it – the most common annual salary falls in the $42,000 – $51,000 range, and the job allows those who practice it to progress to better positions with relative ease and without having to invest a lot of time or effort in the process. Respiratory therapy technicians also receive moderately good bonuses as a whole.