A surgeon is a type of physician who performs invasive surgical procedures. One of the most demanding career choices in the medical field, the job of a surgeon can also be one of the most rewarding ones, due to the numerous opportunities it presents as well as the sizeable salary usually attached. Surgeons can specialize in a variety of sub-disciplines, for example neurosurgeons. They rarely work in teams with other surgeons though they frequently use the services of various assistants and other technical personnel.

Becoming a surgeon is quite difficult and challenging. The educational path starts with a Bachelor’s degree, after which the student must specialize in medicine and finally, surgery – and afterwards, the job usually requires a few years of internship and practice, typically up to 7 years, before the candidate is allowed to actually practice as a surgeon. The job outlook is very good and skilled surgeons tend to be highly renowned everywhere and always able to secure good income.

Surgeons are among the best-paid physicians, and the job can be highly rewarding apart from having a good salary attached to it. A surgeon can realize an income of between $250,000 – $360,000, and the working hours attached to the job are good and flexible as well. On the other hand, in some areas it may be very difficult to progress any further after this position, especially in smaller towns – though there’s rarely any need to, of course, given the satisfying pay rate it has to begin with.