A trauma nurse is the title given to nurses who work in emergency wards and other locations in hospitals where they deal with heavy situations. Trauma nurses are commonly tasked with preparing patients for an emergency operation, taking care of small problems immediately in order to ease the stress on doctors, and assisting doctors during their operations. A trauma nurse would also be commonly required to transport materials and tools and bring them to the operating table as quickly as possible.

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Getting a job as a trauma nurse follows a similar path to the jobs of most nurses, though a trauma nurse would typically have to undergo additional education in order to ensure they’re eligible for working in the situations that await them. Trauma nurses commonly express their jobs are heavily demanding and require a great deal of attention and dedication to perform properly – making it a very rewarding position in the end, if one can cope with the stress and demands while practicing the job.

Trauma nurses are commonly compensated very highly for their jobs, which is understandable given the amount of effort involved. A common salary for a trauma nurse is between $60,000 – $70,000, with various additional bonuses and benefits being attached to the job in general. The working hours for a trauma nurse tend to be very inflexible and in general unattractive though, and it’s not easy to progress on the job in some places due to stiff competition. Still, most trauma nurses express great satisfaction with their jobs.