The job of a triage nurse is a very demanding one – triage nurses are employed at hospitals’ emergency departments, as well as other places that require immediate medical attention throughout the day. Triage nurses are responsible for the immediate treatment of incoming patients, preparing them for their (often life-saving) procedures and maintaining them in a stable condition until doctors are able to assist them. Triage nurses commonly work in teams, similarly to other types of nurses, though on the other hand the teams are small in order to give everyone more free room.

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Becoming a triage nurse is more demanding than getting hired as a regular nurse, as the job is a more responsible one – with the amount of pressure constantly imposed on triage nurses, it’s important to maintain an efficient staff that knows how to deal with the problems that arise on the job. Often, triage nurses are hired from the ranks of regular nurses, picking those who’ve displayed a great deal of aptitude.

As a triage nurse, one can usually earn between $51,000 – $67,000. The job is noticeably higher-paid than that of a regular nurse, which can be easily explained by the heavier demands it comes with. It’s also worth noting that triage nurses usually receive better bonuses and otherwise more attractive compensation programs for their effort, as the job tends to be highly demanding in some particular cases. Additionally, healthcare and other related bonuses are also usually high.