Urologists are special types of physicians who deal with issues related to the urinary tract – typically both in men as well as women. An urologist would often resolve problems related to the reproductive system as well, though this depends on the particular specialization of the physician. There are various organs covered by an urologist’s job, in most cases including the kidneys, bladder, urethra, uterus and the other related organs around the urinary tract.

Becoming an urologist is similar to the path taken by most other physicians – one must get a degree related to their specific type of position, and go through the education related to it. A good urologist must be able to assess problems quickly and efficiently, in order to be able to provide coherent treatment to their patients. It’s not uncommon for urologists to see good prospects for advancing their careers, due to the specific nature of the job – though it’s also quite difficult to progress in it due to the highly competitive market.

Urologists earn a surprisingly high salary most of the time – it’s not uncommon for one to receive around $135,000 – $264,000 a year, which some may find standard for a physician, but the truth is that salaries in this range are usually only common among surgeons. The high earning potential comes from the delicate nature of an urologist’s job, and the fact that it can be a lot more difficult to apply some of the treatment procedures it involves than it is for many other physicians.