A veterinarian is a physician who treats animals only. The job of a veterinarian is usually really similar to that of a regular physician, though of course it differs quite a lot in the specific procedures performed, as animals’ body structures tend to be noticeably different than that of humans. A veterinarian may sometimes have to perform more specialized operations, even invasive surgery, which may require additional qualification from those who practice the job. Veterinarians often work in teams and have nurses at their disposal as well, like most regular doctors.

To get a job as a veterinarian, one would need to go through specialized education, like standard physicians do. The educational process for veterinarians tends to be quite heavy and demanding, and in some cases it can even be more difficult than studying for particular types of physician specializations. Good veterinarians must be well-educated in all types of animal anatomy, though in some cases a veterinarian may choose to specialize in a particular type of animal (e.g. working on dogs or cats only).

Veterinarians earn moderately well – though not as good as most regular physicians, a veterinarian can still see a salary of around $54,000 – $85,000, which by most standards is a good pay rate. The job additionally has some very flexible working hours, as well as other perks that can make it an attractive choice – all around, the job market for veterinarians is always heavily saturated with lots of candidates available.