Veterinary technicians work for veterinarians, and provide them with various assistant-type services to make their jobs easier and improve the process of treating the animals. The job of a veterinary technician typically involves bringing various products and materials for the veterinarian, cleaning up the area, preparing a room for an operation on an animal, as well as taking basic care of the animals themselves during their stay at the veterinarian’s clinic.

Working as a veterinary technician doesn’t take much in terms of education, and a high school diploma is usually enough to get the job. It should be noted that most veterinarians prefer candidates with at least some basic knowledge of the working process in a veterinary clinic, so it’s advised to familiarize oneself with the basics as best as possible before attempting to get hired. Additionally, a degree may be required in some locations, though this mostly depends on the employer.

The job of a veterinary technician comes with a moderately good salary to it – it’s common to earn around $30,000 – $45,000 in most cases, and the job also comes with some good prospects for further career development. A veterinary technician can eventually progress to be a technologist and even a fully-fledged veterinarian at some point later on, depending entirely on one’s aptitude and willingness to learn on the job. Many veterinary technicians are able to secure higher salaries when they become valued assets at the clinics that employ them.