Yoga therapists are yoga experts who apply their skills for therapeutic purposes. A yoga therapist typically does their job by leading a class of students who follow the therapist’s lead, much like an ordinary yoga teacher. However, the yoga therapist would be more closely concerned with exercises that help improve their students’ well-being, both in a physical as well as mental sense. Yoga therapists may also work on a private basis, treating people in hourly sessions, though this is not as common.

Becoming a yoga therapist means that one must be a skilled yoga teacher, and well-acquainted with the various intricacies of yoga in general. Yoga therapists can easily find employment in some areas where the job market sees a low saturation for this position – though on the other hand, it can become somewhat difficult in other places where there’s a large number of yoga teachers and subsequently therapists, which is especially common in some parts of the world.

A yoga therapist would usually earn a bit more than a yoga teacher, though their earning potential would be more limited as well – that is, the ceiling for the income of a yoga therapist is typically lower. In general, the job can earn between $45,000 – $60,000, and it also comes with some attractive bonuses as well; on the other hand, the working hours for yoga therapists can be substantially longer and less flexible than those for a yoga teacher, making the job a less attractive choice for some people.