A chauffeur is a professional driver, most commonly employed by a company or household for driving and maintaining their vehicles. The chauffeur is responsible for taking their employers to their destination and providing assistance such as helping them get in and out of the vehicle, or accompanying them to the entrance of the building. The chauffeur is also directly responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle(s) under his/her operation, which includes both technical maintenance as well as cleaning and waxing the car regularly. The chauffeur will usually spend some time every day performing routine maintenance on the vehicle.

Becoming a chauffeur is not demanding in most cases, as having a driver’s license and being of adult age is usually sufficient. Some more demanding employers may perform additional background checks on the candidates, and may require a clean driving record as well as a criminal one. Becoming a chauffeur for some high-ranking individuals may require the candidate to take some additional specialized courses, such as defensive/evasive driving and psychological tests to determine their mental stability.

A chauffeur is a moderately well-paying job, with annual earnings of between $41,000 and $62,000. The median salary for 2009 was $54,000, and the job also has great potential for increased earnings as the employee gains experience. Those working under more stressful conditions, such as drivers for high-ranking officials, are usually compensated extra for their work, and can earn up to $100,000 – but their jobs come with strict requirements as well.