Hospitality PR (public relations) managers are employed by establishments that offer a hospitality service – such as hotels and motels – and are of a large enough size to warrant their own PR departments. The job of a PR manager is to ensure that the PR department is functioning properly, all the staff assigned to it are performing at the peak of their efficiency, and that all manners are relayed to the public in a favorable yet honest way. Sometimes, the PR manager for a hospitality establishment will come out to speak personally when it concerns a matter of utmost importance.

To become a hospitality PR manager, a candidate needs at least a Bachelor’s degree in public administration – and this can only ensure them a job in some of the more basic establishments. To get hired at high-grade, renowned establishments, candidates will typically need a Master’s degree, plus a sufficient number of years’ worth of experience under their belt, to demonstrate good enough capability to perform the job properly. A friendly, confident personality is also of great benefit to candidates.

The PR manager of a hospitality establishment would generally earn roughly as much as the primary manager does. The job can score between $70,000 – $81,000 on average, which will be affected by the performance of the hotel’s manager – which is why it’s important to have a good synergy between the two, in order to provide a good enough service to the hospitality’s clients and guarantee good salaries for both.