A hospitality salesperson is a sales representative who works for a hospitality establishment – such as a hotel, motel and others. The job’s specifics may be slightly different from place to place, as different companies seem to put a different meaning in the job’s title – but in most cases, it involves conducting sales on the premises of the hospitality establishment, normally for products related to the hospitality’s company, though not always. The hospitality salesperson may either work in their own dedicated area in the establishment, or door-to-door (though this is less common nowadays).

Becoming a hospitality salesperson – and succeeding in the job – is mostly about one’s personality traits. Friendly manners and a persuasive nature are among the most important qualities a hospitality salesperson could possess. Additionally, the job requires a determined nature and the ability to adapt to changes very efficiently – as the market hospitality salespeople work in is a very dynamic and constantly changing one.

A hospitality salesperson can earn quite well compared to other positions in sales, with an annual salary of between $45,000 – $88,000 being most common. The job can be quite flexible and gives its practitioners noticeably more freedom than other positions related to marketing and sales, and is a very attractive choice for many people in recent times. However, the salary can also be noticeably lower than the average figures in some cases, especially when the salesperson is working on commission.