A hotel sales manager is hired, as the title implies, by hotels and other hospitality establishments, with the goal of ensuring the prosperity of the hotel’s business. This can include a variety of activities, such as promoting the hotel through various channels, communicating with business partners (both current and potential ones) and generally doing their best to provide a steady stream of clients to the hotel, and thus ensure good revenue figures. A hotel sales manager will also frequently work with clients directly, in order to convince them to give their hotel a try.

To become a hotel sales manager, a Bachelor’s degree in finances, economics or management can be very beneficial, though it’s not strictly required in most cases. The job requires an attentive personality and the ability to follow goals through, as well as knowing how to fill up one’s time in a productive manner in order to ensure a constant flow of new prospects to work with. A friendly personality with good persuasive abilities is a basic requirement as well.

The sales manager of a hotel tends to be quite well-paid, with an annual salary of between $61,000 – $128,000. The large gap comes from the differences in the specific tasks assigned to hotel sales managers, as in some cases the job has a lot of responsibilities attached to it and can be quite hectic, while for others it tends to be smooth and easy-going, and is generally seen as a rather easy management position.