A reservation agent works for travel companies or hospitality establishments, and helps customers arrange reservations for that company’s services. For example, an airline reservation agent helps their customers find and book a flight appropriate for their traveling times. The reservation agent’s primary responsibility is to ensure a good deal for the customer, and arranging them with the best service the company can provides for their particular needs. It’s a reservation agent’s common responsibility to take a customer’s contact details in order for that company to get in touch with the customer later on.

Becoming a reservation agent only takes a high school diploma – the majority of skills related to the job can be learned directly during the employment, and thus most employers don’t require any specialized education. A friendly, helpful personality and the ability to resolve problems quickly and efficiently are required, and a reservation agent must also have good knowledge of the company’s operations.

The job of a reservation agent pays moderately well, with an average annual salary of between $31,000 – $45,000 being the most common. The job also has some additional benefits attached to it, like discounts at the company of employment and healthcare bonuses, and it’s also a good choice for people looking for an auxiliary source of income, due to the flexibility of its working hours. On the downside, it doesn’t have many prospects for further development in the career in general.