As a waiter, one works at a restaurant or another place where food is served, and takes care of the patrons, ensuring they’re properly serviced. The typical job duties of a waiter include roaming around tables, collecting orders, and submitting them to the kitchen where they can be processed and the food prepared. Waiters then take the meals as they’re finished and deliver them to the appropriate tables. Typically, each waiter dedicates themselves to a number of tables, and customers expect to be serviced by the same waiter throughout their visit to the place.

The job of a waiter is one of the least skill-requiring ones, and it’s a very popular job among students and others who seek temporary low-skilled employment. It doesn’t require any special education to obtain (everything that’s needed to perform the job is learned in the course of employment), and in some cases may also offer some quite good prospects for furthering one’s career. On the other hand, it can be heavily demanding in cases.

A waiter’s salary is very variable due to a number of circumstances and factors. The base salary is typically low, around $12,000 – $25,000 in most cases. However, the job of a waiter has one peculiar perk attached to it, in that they usually receive hefty sums of money in tips from their customers. A good waiter with a friendly personality and an active manner of working can easily double their salary from just the tips they’re receiving, though on the other hand some employers choose to collect those for themselves.