A cargo agent functions similarly to most other agents, in that their job involves organizing a certain asset and handling relationships with customers related to it. In the specific case, cargo agents are responsible for arranging a company’s shipment schedules, preparing the routes for different packages in ways that make transportation optimal, as well as make sure that the cargo leaves and arrives in the same condition. A cargo agent must also determine the weight of the cargo when applicable, in order to calculate the specific cost for transporting it. Handling the customers is also done by the cargo agent, who receives payments and arranges delivery schedules that are more convenient for the company’s clients.

Becoming a cargo agent requires no special education, the most important deciding factor being prior experience. A cargo agent must be perfectly knowledgeable in the way shipment operations work, and have a good insight on the different procedures involved – thus, prior working experience in handling shipments is usually beneficial. Additionally, good computer knowledge is also highly preferred by most employers, as automated systems are utilized by shipping companies very widely nowadays.

A cargo agent can expect to earn between $28,000 and $45,000 annually. Working at busy locations usually contributes to the pay rate a lot, as does prior experience – though it’s not such a major factor in this particular type of job. A cargo agent doesn’t have a lot of prospects for future career development in general.