An industrial sampler works in a particular industry, tasked with collecting samples from materials or products and submitting them to the company’s laboratories for testing and analysis. The job is typically required in the research and development sectors of the industry, as many companies require samples from their respective materials in order to determine how to most efficiently develop them further and boost their productivity and success. Industrial samplers work in different ways, but they usually employ some sort of machine for collecting the samples.

The job of an industrial sampler has varying educational requirements from one company to the next, and in most cases at least some basic degree related to science is going to be required – though it’s also not rare for candidates to get hired on the job with just a high school diploma and sufficient background knowledge related to the production operations conducted the particular company. Additionally, samplers are usually able to progress to better positions quite easily.

Industrial samplers earn a varied amount of money annually, with the most common salary range being $31,000 – $40,000. Since the job doesn’t hold any high educational requirements in most companies, it also doesn’t have many attractive bonuses attached to it and most industrial samplers aren’t able to secure any high benefits. On the other hand, working hours tend to be attractive and flexible, which is one of the positive sides of the industrial sampler’s job.