An industrial weigher works at a factory or another type of industrial compound and provides weighing services to assist the manufacturing process. For example, an industrial weigher could be hired by a coffee plant to check the weight on the bags of coffee as they leave the processing sector, or to verify that packages have been filled correctly and with the right proportions. The job of an industrial weigher isn’t very common nowadays as machines can automate the process more or less entirely, though some factories still use workers for the job.

The job of an industrial weigher isn’t difficult to obtain as it’s a typical manual labor job – in most cases one just needs a high school diploma to get hired, and the most that an employer could expect from a candidate for the position is prior working experience in an industrial environment. It’s a demanding job and requires a good degree of physical fitness to perform well, and many industrial weighers are regularly checked for their health statuses.

Industrial weighers aren’t usually compensated very highly, similarly to most other manual work positions in the industrial sector. The most common salary for an industrial weigher is around $17,000 – $40,000, with some additional healthcare bonuses and other benefits making it a slightly more attractive choice in some cases. Still, industrial weighers can still see some good further employment prospects, and are able to secure their jobs with relative ease.