Iron workers are labor specialists who work with all kinds of products designed from iron, commonly working on the frames and inner element constructions at various sites. Iron workers find employment in all parts of the construction industry, as their skills can be applied to the building of regular houses, large-scale buildings as well as bridges and other constructions. An iron worker will typically handle the materials they’re working with as well, which involves unloading them from trucks and boats and helping distribute them around the construction site accordingly. Additionally, some iron workers specialize in particular fields of the profession, such as reinforcing or ornaments.

Becoming an iron worker is normally done through an apprenticeship, though in some cases it may be possible to get training on the job in a smaller company on small-scaled projects. A good iron worker needs to have some basic understanding of construction works, and optionally have worked in the business for some time. Additionally, a high school diploma from a profession-related school can also be very beneficial.

Iron workers earn very well for manual laborers, with an annual salary of between $41,000 – $62,000. The job does impose some heavy health hazards, but it also comes with lucrative health benefit plans and various other forms of extra compensation. Furthermore, iron workers have a very flexible job market and can easily find new employment without much trouble. This is especially valid in recent times, as more and more companies are turning up their demand for quality iron workers.