A liquid waste treatment plant operator works at plants that dispose of various liquid chemicals and by-products of the chemical industry. The job involves a variety of duties, mostly related to maintenance and manual labor, such as adding chemicals to the liquids in order to disinfect them and reduce their health hazard; performing frequent inspections on the equipment used in the plant and looking for anything out of order; collecting data related to the disposal that’s performed in the plant and submitting it to their superiors.

To become a liquid waste treatment plant operator, candidates must normally pass a short educational course related to working safety in hazardous environments, in order to attain some basic knowledge required to do the job properly – like how to handle various types of dangerous chemicals and how to approach hazardous situations properly. Good physical health and an attentive nature are important for a good liquid waste treatment plant operator, as the job can frequently pose dangers to one’s health, which have to be assessed in due time.

Liquid waste treatment plant operators don’t earn that much with regards to the job’s nature – an annual salary of $31,000 – $51,000 is the most common, and in most cases this includes the healthcare and insurance plans. The job frequently poses health hazards to workers, and the compensation they receive for exposing themselves to such conditions is rarely justified. However, some companies work in the opposite manner and compensate their employees greatly.