A logging worker is also known as a lumberjack, and is a type of manual laborer who works in the logging industry. The job duties of a logging worker include cutting down trees, processing them into logs, stacking them onto trucks and transporting them between locations. Logging workers may operate alone or with a number of partners, depending on the particular type of trees being cut down, and it’s not rare for them to be members of the same family as well, as the logging business is quite deeply family-based in some regions of the world.

Becoming a logging worker takes a lot of physical fitness and knowledge of the environment. It’s important to be familiar with the regions that one is working with, as there are quite a lot of dangers associated with performing logging work on unfamiliar territory. The job can be very exhausting and otherwise physically demanding at times, and it’s not uncommon for logging workers to be required to take long shifts in order to clear an area completely and proceed according to the plan.

Logging workers don’t typically earn that much compared to other labor occupations, with the average annual salary being between $26,000 and $41,000. Still, many people practice the job because it’s their family business, and in some locations the salary associated with it can actually be seen as more attractive than what other jobs in the vicinity offer. This has helped preserve the popularity of the job of a logging worker.