A naval architect is a type of engineer who specializes in the design and construction of various sea vessels. Naval architects can be tasked with a variety of different construction projects, and they typically enjoy plenty of work in the industrial sector, where there’s plenty of need for their skills. A naval architect is concerned primarily with the technical aspects of the vessel, and their job is to design it in the most optimal way possible, in order to both utilize the company’s resources efficiently as well as create a durable design that will prove useful.

Becoming a naval architect requires an engineering degree in most cases, and some companies may even require their candidates to have specialized in naval architecture – however, due to the fact that the degree course is not offered worldwide, many companies are willing to make exceptions when the candidate is able to display sufficient knowledge in the particular area of naval architecture. The job, as a whole, offers lots of prospects for advancements and is highly lucrative.

As a naval architect, one can make between $61,000 – $85,000. The job tends to pay less than that of a regular architect, but still more than most popular engineering positions, which makes it an attractive choice to those looking to get into architecture but combine it with engineering to some degree. Furthermore, naval architects tend to receive hefty bonuses for various reasons, such as completing a project before its deadline, which gives the job a lot of potential for extra earnings.