A packer is a manual worker employed by a variety of companies, mostly those involved in manufacturing or selling goods, and is responsible for the packaging of said goods in an appropriate manner so that they can be transported safely to their destinations. A packer typically does their job manually, though in some cases it may involve using various tools and machines to pack more efficiently or to cover larger numbers of products. Additionally, some packers need to work in teams when the specific job is more complicated.

Getting a job as a packer isn’t demanding at all, as all of the skills required to practice the job properly are attained in the course of employment, or taught in specialized training courses before the employment begins. Most packers are able to progress in their employment to some slightly better positions, though the job doesn’t offer that much in the way of career development, keeping in mind it’s mostly a manual labor job without any specific high qualifications.

The job of a packer is mostly a manual labor one, and thus doesn’t pay so highly. The median salary for 2009 was just $19,000, and the highest the salary goes for this type of job is around $24,000 in the best cases. Additionally, it can be very exhausting and otherwise demanding on those who practice it, and doesn’t offer much in the way of bonuses and other benefits for employees. All in all, it’s not a very attractive career choice though it does have its uses for some people.