A photogrammetrist is a type of cartographer who works primarily with photographic sources in order to create maps of areas as has been requested by their clients. Photogrammetrists rarely work alone, and are most commonly employed by companies where they work in teams in order to complete their projects in reasonable amounts of time. A photogrammetrist would usually work with several sources of data simultaneously, and may sometimes be required to provide several different types of maps, for example overlaying particular data over a generic map image of an area.

A degree in cartography or a related field can greatly boost a candidate’s chances of getting hired in the field, though isn’t a requirement by any means. The ability to work with complex data sets that describe the geographical pecularities of the areas the photogrammetrist works with is a must, as well as good spatial vision and knowledge in geography in general. Previous experience on a position related to the field can also be of great benefit.

Photogrammetrist don’t earn as much as regular cartographers due to various factors (for one thing, the demand for their services isn’t as high as it is for other cartographers), but the job still pays a moderately good salary – between $43,000 – $72,000 a year is the most common one. Photogrammetrists enjoy various perks of the job too, some of which can make it a very attractive choice for those who perform it, and the job as a whole can be seen as a very rewarding one by some people.