A power plant dispatcher’s job is closely tied to that of a power plant distributor, as both are related to the distribution of the power flow between the plant’s clients. However, the job of a power plant dispatcher is more related to the act of determining where the flow should be redirected to – e.g., the power plant dispatcher evaluates the readings in all the different areas connected to the power plant, and gives instructions to the power plant distributors on how to change the electricity flow in order to improve the current situation.

The job of a power plant dispatcher has some specific knowledge and skill requirements which can only realistically be obtained through education, and so it requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or a related field. Good knowledge of the operation of a power plant is also essential, as the job often involves cooperating with other sectors of the plant in order to improve its efficiency and drive the productivity levels up.

A power plant dispatcher can earn quite a high salary, around $75,000 – $100,000 in most cases. This is due to the variety of specialized knowledge required for performing the job properly, and is often accompanied by other favorable working conditions, such as good and flexible working hours and various payment bonuses which aren’t present in the salaries of most other employees in the same power plant.