A power plant distributor is a specific type of worker employed by power plants, who’s responsible for distributing the flow of electricity throughout the areas supplied by the plant, ensuring that it’s divided evenly across all who need it, and increasing the flow for areas that are in heavier demand than usual. The job duties of a power plant distributor can be somewhat limited, as the numbers that control the power supply aren’t subject to frequent changes in most cases, and the power plant distributor isn’t required to do their job all that often.

Becoming a power plant distributor requires a degree related to electricity in some way, such as electrical engineering or a similar one. Additionally, power plant distributors should have some basic idea of the operation of a power plant, and how to most efficiently maintain the flow of electricity in order to keep demands met by all locations. An overview of the local area of operation of the particular plant can also be of benefit in order to ensure a good level of service by the distributor.

As a power plant distributor, the typical salary one can earn is rather high – between $85,000 – $100,000 is the most common range. This is due to the high educational requirements attached to the job, as most positions that require an engineering degree tend to pay quite well to their practitioners in general. Additionally, the job has good health bonuses and benefits, as well as various perks which can make it a very attractive choice for some people.