The job duties of a printing machine operator typically involve taking care of a particular printing machine or set of machines. The printing machine operator is tasked with ensuring that the machine is running smoothly, loading it with ink or any other type of material it uses for printing, as well as loading it with paper when necessary. Sometimes, a printing machine operator would have to constantly feed the machine with a different type of paper, when working on a specific project that requires specialized different prints.

The job of a printing machine operator is mostly a manual labor one and doesn’t hold any high educational requirements. It takes a high school diploma in most cases, and isn’t difficult to perform if one has a good sense of working with machinery, especially heavy machinery (as some printers can be quite large-sized and complicated). The ability to work fast can be very beneficial to a printing machine operator, as the job can get very hectic and demanding in some cases, requiring a lot of attentiveness.

The job of a printing machine operator is quite an easy one, and doesn’t have any high salaries commonly attached to it – in the most typical case, the salary would range between $15,000 – $25,000, without many (or any at all) attractive bonuses attached to it or any prospects for further career advancement. As such, the job is mostly only taken by people looking for an additional source of income who don’t regard it as a very heavy form of employment.