A pump operator is a type of manual worker who’s hired to operate various kinds of pumps and other related devices. The typical job duties of a pump operator include basic maintenance of the pump, providing technical assistance to any other personnel involved in its operation, as well as clearing the pump of any obstructions. Pump operators may also be tasked with applying a variety of materials, such as cleaning powders, to the pumps in order to improve their operation and keep them in a good working condition.

The job of a pump operator mostly involves skills that are attained in the course of employment, and doesn’t require any specific education. A good pump operator must have some basic mechanical skills, in order to be able to provide the needed maintenance to the pumps under their supervision. Additionally, pump operators may sometimes be tasked with performing other operations on the pump system, such as adjusting it – which may require some extra knowledge, usually outlined in the contract beforehand.

A pump operator has a surprisingly high earning potential – with an average annual salary of between $20,000 – $60,000, the job can be one of the best-paying ones for the little effort it involves, and the generally low qualification requirements attached to the position. This can make it an extremely attractive career choice for some people, as it also gives good access to other positions which provide good benefits by themselves.