A railroad brake operator’s job is relatively simple, having a small number of responsibilities attached to it – typically, a railroad brake operator is responsible for working with the brake installation on a railroad system, as well as the track switching mechanisms, and provide assistance to machinists whenever they request an adjustment in those systems. Additionally, the railroad brake operator may be responsible for operating the signaling lights on the railroad tracks, and adjust their status.

Becoming a railroad brake operator only takes a high school diploma and no prior knowledge, as most of the skills required to practice the job properly are learned in the course of employment. A good railroad brake operator must be experienced working in railroad environments and have a good knowledge of the standard procedures involved, in order to be able to work efficiently and avoid any accidents, as well as ensure smooth operation for the entire railroad installation as a whole.

Railroad brake operators earn surprisingly well for the amount of duties their jobs have – in general, a salary of between $35,000 – $61,000 is the most common, and some railroad companies tend to pay even more to those who practice the job whenever it imposes more responsibilities on the person. Additionally, the working hours attached to the job of a railroad break operator are not only flexible, but convenient as well, and the job can be seen as a very useful one for people looking for extra income.