A reinforcing ironwoker is a type of construction worker primarily concerned with the installation and safety checks of the steel bars of the building – known as rebars, they provide the primary supporting power for the building’s weight and are crucial for the construction process later on. The reinforcing ironworkers do their jobs by placing rebar inside forms which are then filled with concrete, providing a solid structure. Additionally, wiring meshes are commonly wrapped around the rebar to provide extra safety and stability.

The job of a reinforcing ironworker may not seem like a complicated one, being mostly manual labor and all, but it can still be quite challenging to obtain since it requires some knowledge which can’t be learned in the course of employment (or rather, it isn’t safe to). Thus, a candidate for a reinforcing ironworker would need to go through an apprenticeship or similar training program in order to build up some skills first, before being allowed to work on actual construction projects alongside other workers.

A reinforcing ironworker’s average annual salary is typically in the $45,000 – $53,000 range, with most leaning towards the higher end of the scale – the job is seen as a very well-paying one in the construction industry, and it also provides some good opportunities to those who practice it for developing their careers. The healthcare bonuses attached to the job are good as well, and serve to draw even more people to the position on an annual basis.