A seaman is a general term for a person working on a ship, tasked with various duties related to that ship’s operation – typically, a seaman is responsible for inspecting the ship’s deck to ensure nothing’s been damaged, repainting areas that have faded or the paint has chipped, as well as transporting various items and goods around the ship. Seamen are commonly put in the same category as sailors, though it should be noted that the jobs are slightly different, with the seaman standing a bit lower in the hierarchy.

Becoming a seaman doesn’t take any specialized education, and the skills required for practicing the job can be attained in the course of employment. Most employers are ready to take on candidates with a good degree of physical fitness and just a high school diploma, without any prior working experience. Seamen who’ve built up a degree of aptitude on the position are usually able to climb to better spots on the same ship in a reasonable amount of time and without much effort.

Seamen don’t earn very highly, especially compared to other positions within the naval hierarchy. The most common annual salary for a seaman is between $29,000 – $43,000, though on the other hand the job comes with some satisfying prospects for career advancement and can allow a person to develop their potential as fully as possible and reach good positions working on a ship. It’s not uncommon for seamen to actually become sought after if they’re experienced enough.