A solderer is a type of manual job in the industrial sector, where workers perform various soldering operations – this can be done either by hand or through the use of machines, with the latter being more common in recent times. A solderer has various duties related to their job besides the actual soldering – for example, they must position the soldering rings properly, control the machine that does the soldering, as well as do some basic work on the materials involved in the process. The job is sometimes quite demanding, according to most accounts.

Becoming a solderer takes no specific education degree, though it does require quite a bit of knowledge which can only be attained in the course of education. There are some basic courses available which cover the initial aspects of workplace safety and other important pieces of information solderers must know in the beginning, but other than that prior working experience is one’s primary asset when looking for a job as a solderer – and skilled workers have become particularly renowned and sought after in some sectors.

A solderer can earn a very varied salary, depending on where they’re employed – the range goes between $26,000 – $51,000, though those wishing to be in the higher ends of this range should do their best to get highly qualified and serve some years at a company to build up experience and a good profile. Other than that, the job doesn’t have many prospects for development, as it’s mostly a manual labor job and similar to the other regular jobs in this field.