An industrial sorter is hired by factories and other industrial companies for the purpose of sorting materials and assets. The job of the industrial sorter is to receive shipments of materials used in the manufacturing process (or finished products created in the factory), and organize them according to certain criteria – placing them in separate boxes, arranging them on shelves, etc. Industrial sorters usually work in teams assigned to a particular shipment, though they’re sometimes hired on an individual basis.

The job of an industrial sorter isn’t educationally demanding, only requiring a high school diploma to get hired in most cases. Sometimes, a candidate may be required to possess some specific knowledge of the manufacturing operations performed in the factory they’re trying to get hired at, in order to ensure they’ll be able to cope with the workflow and live up to the efficiency standards set by the company.

Industrial sorters earn rather low, given the low qualificational requirements – the job’s average annual salary is between $12,000 – $25,000, and it doesn’t have many other attractive perks attached to it either. Typically, industrial sorters don’t receive large bonuses and the working hours attached to the job tend to be long and not very flexible at all, though industrial sorters may in some cases be able to progress to better positions within the same factory, if they’re qualified enough and show a strong desire to progress further and advance their careers.