Tool and die makers are professionals who work in the industrial sector, creating products such as working tools and different types of dies. Additionally, tool and die makers may also be hired to work on molds, structures, machine elements, stands and other types of devices and constructions related to tools. Those who specialize in dies typically work with a particular type of die, though in some cases the job may involve working with different types or even specializing on dies entirely.

A tool and die maker typically gets their job with just a high school diploma, as there are no strict educational requirements for becoming one. However, there are various personal skills and characteristics sought after in a tool and die maker – the ability to work fast and under pressure, knowledge of different types of products and their production methods, and last but not least, previous working experience on a related position. Good tool and die makers are often highly renowned and sought after.

Tool and die makers are usually compensated very well for their jobs, with a salary of between $50,000 – $65,000 being the most common. A tool and die maker can usually expect to see good advancement in their job as well, as the position is very open to progressing and gives those who practice the job plenty of opportunities to further their careers. On the other hand, in some cases the job of a tool and die maker can be very demanding and imposes various restrictions on one’s time, making it very difficult to schedule properly.