An environmental lawyer is a special type of lawyer who engages in cases related to the preservation of nature and wildlife, as well as the various issues arising from polution and uncontrolled industrial expansion. The job of an environmental lawyer differs from that of other attorneys, as environmental lawyers pick their own cases, always staying watchful for the current events in the natural sites around them, fighting against unlawful practices which harm the environment. In regards to presenting their cases in court, environmental lawyers work pretty similarly to other lawyers, gathering and organizing their evidence and witnesses and making a good presentation in court.

Despite the differences of the job compared to the jobs of other lawyers, it’s still a very challenging task to become an environmental lawyer. A degree in law is required, and even though many environmental lawyers are able to work without a Doctorate degree, it’s still a good idea to obtain one as it increases an environmental lawyer’s working prospects and potential gains tremendously.

An environmental lawyers typically earns noticeably less than most other attorneys, with an annual salary of $85,000 – $116,000 being the most common. This, combined with the increased difficulty in building stable professional connections (due to the lack of real clients) has made the job a rather unattractive one. Still, the main advantage for environmental lawyers is the fact that they get to pick their own cases as opposed to having to wait for clients to come to them.