An immigration lawyer is an attorney who specializes in cases related to immigration laws. The job typically involves dealing with employment, domestic and visa-related problems, and helping sort out disputes related to individuals’ eligibility for citizenship in their jurisdiction. Even though it’s not uncommon for immigration lawyers to work by themselves, it’s also not rare for them to work for entire firms specializing in immigration-related cases, some of which have been enjoying great success and popularity in recent times. The job is somewhat different in its basics compared to that of a regular defense attorney – for example, most jurisdictions require immigrants to seek out lawyers by themselves instead of providing them with one.

As with other lawyer-related jobs, becoming an immigration lawyer requires education in law school – where the candidate has to specialize in the field of immigration laws. After graduating, one must obtain a license in order to be fully eligible to practice as an immigration lawyer – and from then on, it’s a choice of either working on their own or seeking employment at a lawyer firm.

An immigration lawyer tends to receive less than most other types of attorneys – the median salary for 2009 was just over $80,000, a rather low figure for the law field. Additionally, it can involve some very complicated cases at times, making it a demanding and tiring job. However, it also helps build a lot of professional connections and can be used to progress to another lawyer position quickly.