An intellectual property lawyer is a special type of attorney who works with cases related to ownership of intellectual property – such as works of art, trademarks, patents, as well as company secrets. An intellectual property lawyer can function both as an adviser as well as a defender for their clients, and they’re very frequently hired for the first purpose – providing information to their client with regards to their current situation and the possible solutions they can employ to the situation. An intellectual property lawyer may also be hired to assist in the creation of a trademark.

The educational process for an intellectual property lawyer is mostly similar to that for a regular defense attorney – after completing law school, the candidate must undergo a bar examination and is awarded a license for practicing the job in case of success. In some cases, it may be possible to practice the job without even having a license, though it’s always beneficial to obtain one for the sake of employment opportunities. Some additional exams may need to be passed in order to work with specific elements considered intellectual property, like patents.

An intellectual property lawyer can earn quite well, especially if they work for a high-profile label that frequently sees lawsuits related to their property. The median salary for the job for 2009 was $125,000, and additionally, those who work with patents can earn even more due to the specific nature of that market. All in all, working in intellectual property can be one of the best choices for an attorney in modern times.