A judge works in a courthouse and presides over the trials that take place there. The role of the judge differs slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but there are some elements common between all law systems worldwide. For example, the judge is tasked with approving the eligibility of evidence and testimony, issuing orders to the participants in the trial, as well as reading the verdict issued by the jury, whenever a jury is used in the trial. The judge is also responsible for maintaining order in the courthouse and can issue punishment to those who violate it.

Becoming a judge differs from one place to another as well, as some jurisdictions declare that judges are appointed selectively, while in other places they’re elected by a majority vote. A judge, when appointed, usually preserves the job for life, and it can take a lot of effort to climb to that position in the judicial system. A judge can get to their position either by appointment or election though it’s usually more favorable to become appointed to the position as it yields more benefits and security.

A judge can earn anywhere between $37,000 – $82,000, depending on their rank and the rank of the courthouse that employs them. Judges can typically progress up to the more lucrative salaries easily after attaining the position of a judge once initially, though on the other hand some places may preclude their judges from advancing up the career ladder very easily due to some unfavorable circumstances.