A labor lawyer is an attorney who specializes in cases that involve labor laws, such as dispute between employees and employers, as well as issues surrounding unions and the organized labor system in general. The types of cases a labor lawyer can normally get involved into vary quite a lot, and the job is normally a very active one compared to other types of jobs in the judicial system. Sometimes, a labor lawyer can be hired to simply give consultation to a client in regards to their choices in a situation, such as an employee wondering whether or not to take legal action against their employer for some reason.

Becoming a labor lawyer follows mostly the same steps as becoming a lawyer in general – a candidate must first earn a Bachelor’s degree and then attend law school, after which a bar examination may be required, depending on the particular jurisdiction. In the end, the lawyer obtains a license which allows them to practice the profession. Typically, no specialization is required during the course of studies if one wishes to become a labor lawyer specifically.

The salary of a labor lawyer is greatly variable and depends on many factors. As with most other lawyers, it’s directly influenced by the flow of new clients the lawyer can secure, but also relies on other factors such as the types of cases the lawyer gets involved with. In general, labor lawyers have the potential to earn between $55,000 – $120,000 a year, and those working on high-profile cases, naturally, secure higher salaries for themselves.