A real estate lawyer is a type of attorney who specializes in real estate issues – typically, real estate lawyers would be hired to either oversee a particular transaction related to real estate property, ensuring that everything is in order for their clients engaging in it, or they may be hired to help resolve disputes related to real estate property in court. In the second case, the job of a real estate lawyer is to go through all the documentation related to the transaction, trying to find out what’s lead to the problems in the first place, in order to be able to resolve the dispute.

Real estate lawyers get their jobs similarly to most other attorneys – their education starts with a Bachelor’s degree and proceeds through law school, where the student needs to specialize in real estate matters, and afterwards go through a bar examination in order to get a license allowing them to work. A real estate lawyer can work either on their own or at an agency, with the latter being more common in the particular field of real estate issues.

As a real estate lawyer, one can typically earn very highly – not only is a lawyer’s job a well-paying one in general, but real estate lawyers in particular see a good amount of work and are constantly able to find well-paying clients to fill their quotes. It’s not uncommon for real estate lawyers to work in agencies, due to the heavy workload commonly attached to the job – splitting it efficiently among as many lawyers as possible is usually the best course of action.