A tax lawyer is a type of attorney concerned with tax-related issues – typically, tax lawyers are hired on cases that involve a misrepresentation of one’s tax situation for personal benefit or some related issue. Tax lawyers may either defend individuals and companies against wrongful judgment, or prosecute them about their misreported funds. The job of a tax lawyer can be quite demanding in some cases. Additionally, tax lawyers are sometimes hired to organize and finalize tax documents, check financial statements for errors, and similar tasks.

Getting to be a tax lawyer takes a lot of learning and patience, similarly to the jobs of other lawyers. A good tax lawyer must be well-educated in various precedents, as those play a large role in determining the outcome of court proceedings in most cases. Additionally, a tax lawyer should be able to see a case from its both sides equally well, even in cases where this would compromise their defense or otherwise work against their favor in the current case.

A tax lawyer’s earning potential is quite high, similarly to that of most other types of attorneys – typically, the salary for one can vary between $135,000 – $198,000 a year, and that’s without taking the various bonuses into consideration – and the job does offer some quite sized bonuses attached to it, so it’s generally a very well-paying job with regards to the effort involved in practicing it. Tax lawyers can also progress and advance their careers relatively quickly, which is another attractive factor of the job.