Bed & Breakfast managers, commonly abbreviated as just B&B managers, are tasked with taking care of small hospitality installments, called bed & breakfast. A B&B manager functions in a similar way the manager of a hotel/motel would, taking care of the rooms and guests, making sure everything is in order with the establishment’s facilities, ordering supplies and distributing them accordingly, as well as staying in touch with repair services to ensure rooms become vacant as soon as any modifications to them have been finished. A B&B manager may also need to organize the establishment’s inventory on a more consistent level, where appropriate staff for the task is lacking.

A degree in management can help in becoming a B&B manager, though it’s not always a requirement. Good mathematics skills are of importance, as are having a friendly appearance and good communication skills. The B&B manager is usually summoned when a customer has a complaint, and thus the manager must be able to handle the situation appropriately and delicately, ensuring the satisfaction of the customer in question without compromising the establishment’s rules and integrity.

As a manager for a B&B, one can expect their payment to vary mainly depending on the success of the installment. Most earn between $40,000 – $60,000 annually, while the median in some states goes around $75,000. In some more successful B&B establishments, the managers can earn up to $120,000, which is a substantial difference from the median.