A business operations manager is the person directly responsible for the operations of a given company – they’re usually tasked with managing all of the business’s specific departments, and will usually have power over the other managers employed at those departments. A business operations manager’s responsibility is to keep pushing the company/organization forward towards more progress, properly assessing the situation on the market at the current moment and changing the company’s operations when necessary. The business operations manager is, in many companies, almost as important as the heads of the company themselves.

To become a business operations manager, one must have a degree related to business or finances – for example, business administration or economics. Depending on the type of company, a Bachelor’s degree may not even be sufficient, as some companies require a Master’s degree from their candidates. Since the business operations manager is directly responsible for most of the employees in the company, a strong sense of leadership and critical decision-making are vital skills to one’s success in this position. Additionally, good people skills are also usually beneficial, as they allow the business operations manager to more efficiently manage their staff.

The annual salary of a business operations manager depends on the type of business they’re in charge of, as well as the success of the manager. Annual pay ranges between $45,000 and $85,000, which is a very large margin – and the lower ends of it are usually occupied by business operations managers employed by smaller-scale businesses.