The consumer marketing manager in a company is responsible for organizing the company’s business plan with accordance to the current market situation, driving the company in the right direction when it comes to building its brand name, and pushing new product through the appropriate channels on the market to improve their popularity. The job of a consumer marketing manager largely involves communicating with representatives for other companies, and constantly seeking ways to improve the company’s strategy through partnership with other strong entities on the market.

A degree related to marketing or finances is almost always required for becoming a consumer marketing manager, though in some rare cases companies have been willing to hire candidates based solely on their extensive prior experience with the company, as well as possessing good management skills. A large portion of the skills required for successfully performing the job are attained over the course of employment, and the prospective for future employment for a consumer marketing manager are quite large due to this factor.

A consumer marketing manager can expect an annual salary between $45,000 – $78,000, depending mainly on their prior working experience. One of the downsides of the position is that there are typically no serious bonuses and benefits associated with it, which steers away some potential employees. On the other hand, some companies are known to pay higher than the average annual to their employees in this position, going up to $90,000 in some cases. The salary of a consumer marketing manager is also affected by the performance of their marketing campaigns.