An event manager works at varios social and entertainment events, providing an overseeing function in order to ensure that the entire event goes smoothly and without any hitches. The primary job of an event manager is to observe the pre-meditated schedule, making sure that all the parts of the event are executed at the exact time scheduled for them, and coordinating the different performers (where applicable). An event manager will sometimes have to make on-the-fly adjustments to the schedule, for example when a specific performer is unable to show up and a replacement is needed, or the schedule needs to be rearranged to accommodate to the new situation.

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Event managers should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a subject like management or administration, though some companies are willing to hire people with just a high school diploma, based on some of their skills – such as a strong sense of organization. The event manager must have a friendly, social personality and be open to communication with all the attendants of the event (one of the reasons being that the event manager is usually the main point of contact for attendants).

As an event manager, one can expect an annual salary of between $55,000 – $89,000. The job is seen as a very attractive one due to its short working hours and comparatively high pay rate, but it can also be very demanding on the manager psychologically, as there are lots of factors to take into account when organizing and managing such an event, and the number of variables is high.