Front office managers commonly work at hotels and other establishments that provide accommodation to their clients, making sure that everything runs smoothly at the front desk. This can include overseeing their employees and making sure everyone is doing their job properly, hiring new employees when needed, as well as serving customers when there’s a heavier visitor rate than usual. Front office managers also serve as the communication point between the front office and the other departments, ensuring that everything flows smoothly in the relations between the company’s various parts.

A Bachelor’s degree in either a management-related field or hospitality is usually required to become a front office manager. Additionally, candidates must be familiar with the environment surrounding the job, and are usually required to have some amount of previous working experience at a front desk position. Often, companies would be willing to hire candidates based solely on their experience if it’s solid enough, though a proper degree will of course offer better possibilities for further career development.

The pay rate for front office managers varies a lot, though they rarely earn more than $50,000 a year. This is a moderately good pay for a management position, though some regard it as a rather low-paying one, on the other hand. Of course, more renowned establishments tend to pay their front office managers noticeably more, though the requirements attached to the job increase accordingly in those cases as well (and it’s not easy to attain employment in such a position).