A health information manager is responsible for the organization and maintenance of various medical and health records in places like hospitals, doctor’s offices and general health departments. The duties of a health information manager include making sure that all relevant pieces of information are readily available, and that the employees tasked with the actual distribution of the information are performing their jobs at the expected level of efficiency. The health information manager must frequently check the availability of various important pieces of information, and address issues in the information’s organization whenever they arise.

To become a health information manager, one will generally need a degree in management or a health-related field, as well as some prior working experience in the field of health information management. Most progress to the position after having worked as technicians or clerks in their respective health information departments, though it’s not rare for candidates to get the job with very little prior experience, based solely on their qualifications.

A health information manager can earn anywhere between $34,000 – $63,000 a year, depending on the amount of data they’re required to work with and the particular details of the institution that hires them. In general, the job can have quite a toll on one’s stress condition, as it can include a lot of details that need to be managed – however, in these cases the manager is usually compensated extra for their additional effort, making the job a more or less attractive choice.