A health services manager is the person responsible for the proper delivery of healthcare services to patients who need it. The job can encompass several types of positions – a health services manager can either have a general or specialized qualification, i.e. working in charge of an entire healthcare facility, or maintaining a particular department within it. The job has some high demands on its practitioners in both cases, and the duties of a health services manager include anything from the management of staff to distribution of wages and compensations, to ensuring that patients are properly taken care of.

Those looking to get employed as general health services managers (being in charge of an entire department) will need at least a Master’s degree in health services administration or a related field, such as health sciences or public health. If a candidate is aiming at specializing within a particular department, they may do so with only a degree related to that department’s particular operations.

As a health services manager, one has a moderately good potential to earn high salaries – an annual salary of between $42,000 – $76,000 is the norm, and the main influencing factor which determines the number is the type of employment the manager has – i.e., whether they’re working as a head of an entire department, or they’ve chosen to specialize in a particular position within that department. Both options can be equally rewarding, though most health services managers usually aim to control more in order to earn more as well.