Hospitality managers work for hotels, motels and other establishments that provide a hospitality service to their clients. The job of the hospitality manager is to ensure that the entire operation of the establishment under their supervision runs smoothly and that all their customers are well taken care of. Additionally, hospitality managers must recruit and train new staff members, fire those who’re not being sufficiently responsible to their duties, and ensure a quality, productive working environment for all the employees of the establishment.

A degree in management or one related to hospitality is highly beneficial for becoming a hospitality manager, although, oddly enough, it’s not a strict requirement. In some cases, the job can be attained by simply having worked for a specific establishment for long enough, after which the candidate would have acquired enough experience to run the establishment in a quality manner, as they would be familiar with the procedures involved and the specific needs of that establishment.

The manager of a hospitality establishment can earn between $35,000 – $80,000 a year, depending primarily on the size of the establishment and the number of employees under the manager’s supervision. Most hotels tend to modify their managers’ salaries based directly on their performance as well, and this can open up the possibility for earning substantially more in most cases, even though it can also affect one’s earnings a bit negatively if they’re not careful. In general, the salary would be sufficiently high with regards to the workload.