A hotel manager is a type of hospitality manager who specializes in working at hotels. Typically, the job of a hotel manager will include a number of tasks important for the operation of the establishment – these range from recruiting new staff and managing the current one, to ensuring all the important services provided by the hotel are running smoothly and customer satisfaction is at the expected levels. The hotel manager may sometimes be summoned to personally assist a customer when there’s a problem of a higher degree.

Becoming a hotel manager will normally require at least a Bachelor’s degree in either business, administration, or a hospitality-related field. Additionally, most candidates will be evaluated for their working experience as well, and rarely anyone manages to get a job as a hotel manager without sufficiently high qualifications in this regard. Most commonly, at least a few years of experience in the particular hotel in question will be required, in order to ensure that the candidate is familiar with the operations of the establishment.

Contrary to popular belief, hotel managers don’t actually earn that much – an annual salary of between $34,000 – $81,000 is the most common, and while that may seem high to many people, it’s considered rather low compared to other management-related positions. Still, the job comes with quite a lot of benefits and can be very flexible, and it can definitely be rewarding according to many accounts – which is why it’s remained a popular choice throughout the years.